Gin Cocktail Recipe Hub

Mediterranean Gin Fizz
The 'Fizz' first appeared as a printed recipe in 1887 in Jerry Thomas's iconic 'The Bartenders Guide' book. The 'Fizz' became wildly popular in the U.S. and was one of the trendiest cocktails between 1900s and 1940s.After this, it gained...
The Martinez Classic Cocktail
The Martinez is an absolutely iconic cocktail. Considered bymany to be the ancestor of the modern day Martini.
The Ramos Gin Fizz
Created by Henry C. Ramos in 1888 New Orleans.
Fresh, Creamy & Classic Gin Sour
The 'Gin Sour' is one of those cocktails that has seen many tweaks and variations over the years since it evolved from the 'Tom Collins' cocktail.It is one of the all-time classic gin-based cocktails, first appearing as a written recipe...
Citrusy & Creamy 'White Lady' Cocktail
The 'White Lady' is a cocktail whose invention is claimed by multiple different people!Originally it was believed to have been first created in 1919 by legendary bartender Harry Mckellen in London's Ciro Club. This 'original' recipe included creme de menthe,...
Rhubarb & Elderflower HOT G&T
If you're thinking a hot G&T is a bit of a novelty, then you couldn't be more wrong!Hot Gin and Tonic has been a true English delight since the early 1800's. Indeed, the first written recipe for a hot G&T...
'Bramble' Blackberry & Apple Cocktail
The 'Bramble' is a spring-time British take on a Gin Sour, originating in the 1980's in London's Soho.The name "Bramble" comes from the bramble bush, where blackberries grow.Check out our absolutely classic Bramble Cocktail Recipe below.
Roaring 2020's Zingy Grapefruit 'Dry Gin Martini'
Arguably the most iconic cocktail of them all (and we're not talking about the vodka version).The Dry Gin Martini rose to the fore in the Roaring 20's and 100 years on, we've added our own unique, subtle touch to it.Using...
Mediterranean twist on a classic 'Gin Sour'
'Sour' drinks shot to fame in the late 1800's and were a staple on cocktail bar menus throughout the 20th century. Traditionally this has been a classic cocktail made with a classic Dry Gin. However, we've injected a Mediterranean twist...
'Krafty Paddington' Orange Marmalade Gin Cocktail
If Paddington Bear was to make a cocktail at home, we're pretty sure he'd opt for this one. Orange, Citrusy and fun to serve after dinner or for a special occasion. Check out our recipe below.
Prosecco and Gin Cocktail, aka 'Pink Gin Fizz'
Shaken not stirred! This Gin and Prosecco Cocktail is a tall elegant drink that's perfect for a special occasion.
Gin Strawberry Basil Smash
Sweet yet with hints of herby basil. My Strawberry and Basil Mediterranean Gin Cocktail made with honey and lemon is a very popular choice to make at home.
Fresh & Crisp Cucumber Gin and Tonic
It never ceases to amaze me just how many of our customers make a beeline for cucumber G&T's at our London gin bars. So for all you cucumber fans out there, we made this fresh, floral and delightful cucumber gin...
Elderflower Gin & Tonic with Apple & Juniper
  A light, floral and subtly sweet G&T. The 'LONDON' Dry Gin uses locally-sourced apples and linden blossom as its key botanicals so it pairs beautifully with a light, floral elderflower tonic. Go on, check it the recipe below...  
Zesty, Floral Gin and Tonic with Pink Grapefruit & Mint
This is my absolute PERFECT serve for my newest handcrafted gin, 'LONDON' Dry Gin...Juicy pink grapefruit perfectly complements the clean, crisp fruitiness of the gin. The fresh mint on top balances the herbal gin notes.Oh, and she looks a beaut...
Spicy Ginger and Zesty Lime G&T
We call this one the "BECKER" on our bars...Can you guess why?Go on then, I'll tell you...KRAFT Gin is made in collaboration with our next door neighbours German Kraft Beer. This G&T is a champion, fiery, ginger ace.Get it yet?Check...
Bold and aromatic G&T with Orange and Juniper
Possibly the best looking G&T there is, wouldn't you agree?!The gentle bitterness from the angostura in the aromatic tonic balances perfectly with the complex, juniper-forward KRAFT Gin.A strong and bold pink G&T.Go on, check out the recipe below and make...
Simple & Citrusy Grapefruit Gin and Tonic
For a bittersweet, citrussy Gin and Tonic, you simply can't go wrong with pink grapefruit, especially as we make our KRAFT Gin using zesty grapefruit peel as one of the main botanicals.
Mallorcan G&T with Lemon and Fresh Thyme
Mediterranean or Mallorcan tonic provides that extra hit of sweet citrus, which balances beautifully with the herbal bitterness of lemon and thyme.The yellow and green garnish also makes it look and smell extra fresh!Check it out below...
Refreshing and Floral Elderflower Gin and Tonic with apple and mint
The herbiness of our Mercato Mediterranean Gin pairs excellently with the fresh and floral taste of the elderflower and apple for a refreshing and crisp taste. Check it out below...

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