Citrusy & Creamy 'White Lady' Cocktail

Citrusy & Creamy 'White Lady' Cocktail

The 'White Lady' is a cocktail whose invention is claimed by multiple different people!

Originally it was believed to have been first created in 1919 by legendary bartender Harry Mckellen in London's Ciro Club. This 'original' recipe included creme de menthe, triple sec and lemon juice in equal measure. Later on, in 1923, McKellen had now taken his skills to Harry's New York bar in Paris and refined his recipe, making it drier with the addition of gin.

Fast forward to the 1930's and the famous mixologist Harry Craddock increased the amount of gin in the 'White Lady', making it even drier.

And then we had Peter Doreli at The Savoy, who began finishing off the cocktail with a touch of egg white, giving it that smooth and creamy texture.

The 'White Lady' cocktail was born and we're still enjoying it decades later!


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