What You Need to Know About Storing Gin after Opening It

Generally, there's a simple rule to follow when storing alcoholic drinks. If the alcohol content is lower than 15%, you need to keep it in the fridge. This applies to things like beer, wine, and the like. On the other hand, anything like vodka and rum that has a much higher alcohol content doesn't have to be refrigerated. But of course, this rule alone may not leave you feeling confident in your decision on how to treat your gin after opening it.

Today, let's talk about gins and what to expect after you've opened a bottle of gin:

Will Gin Evaporate If Opened?

Not in the way that you might think. Gin itself will not evaporate if opened. In fact, it's a normal practice to leave a bottle of gin out for a bit before consuming it. This way, you have time to pour the gin into a glass, add your tonic, and garnish it. However, just remember, the longer you let the gin sit out, the more it will lose its flavour.

How Long Does The Gin Last After Being Opened?

Generally, once you've opened the bottle, you have about a year to drink it. This is true with any other distilled spirits. The only issue is that the flavours can change over time, and usually, for the worse. So, while your gin may last a year after you've opened it, you may not want to keep it in that state for too long.

Must I Refrigerate Gin?

You should! Many experts suggest that the best way to store gin is in the fridge, especially if you do not have ice to keep your drinks cool. Of course, since they have a lot of alcohol, you don't have to put them in the fridge. However, for the sake of taste and the fact that gin is best served cold, you should simply store them in the fridge until you want to drink it again.

Can I Freeze Gin?

It depends on the gin you have. If you have gin liqueurs, you can freeze them as they have a much lower alcohol volume. On the other hand, if you have pure gin, you can freeze them, given they're stored at -27 degrees Celsius.

But that said, should you freeze gin in the first place? Well, you don't have to. In fact, if you're planning to drink it often, it might be wise not to freeze your gin. That's because frozen gin can turn into a slush, and letting it thaw can be annoying at times. But of course, if you do plan to freeze gin, allow the drink to thaw first before you do any pouring.


All in all, if you're planning to store your gin later for a drink, remember to close it soon after you open it and put them in the fridge if you can. That way, they can last as long as possible, maintaining the flavours you love and ensuring that the next time you pour a drink, you won't be disappointed!

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