The Lifespan of Gin and Other Basic Facts about It

Much can be said about the wonderful taste and quality of gin. However, its production is also quite well defined and strictly regulated. Its origin can be traced back to the 17th century. Since then, it has been refined and reinvented many times, thereby attaining a place of honour among spirits.

That being said, it is no denying that no classy gathering could be complete without it. However, do the party host and the guest even know if the gin they are drinking is still okay to be consumed?

A Gin’s Lifespan

Gin has a long shelf life. As long as it is kept unopened, a bottle of it can sit on a shelf for years without going bad. If the bottle or cork seal is undamaged, alcohol that is sealed in this way should taste perfectly fine after it is opened.

A bottle of gin is labelled with a Distilled Spirit Date, which is the date that the distiller produced the alcohol. This is not the same as the bottling or best before date. The bottler decides the bottling or best before date, whereas the distiller decides the Distilled Spirit Date. However, the Distilled Spirit Date often exceeds the bottling or best before date. For example, some gins come with a Distilled Spirit Date of at least two years after the bottling date.

The Distilled Spirit Date is usually printed on the side of the label and is expressed in the format of a Julian date. When you see a bottle of gin with a Distilled Spirit Date of, for example, 15-08-12, this means that the gin was produced on August 15th, 2012.

Once the bottle of gin is opened, the alcohol begins to lose its quality because oxygen begins to interact with the alcohol and the other components of the gin. How soon a bottle of gin goes bad will depend on how well it is stored, both in terms of the temperature and the surroundings.

How Do I Store Gin Properly?

When you store a bottle of gin, you should keep it in a cool, dark place, such as a pantry or cabinet. A bottle of gin kept in a pantry or cabinet might taste at its best for about a year.

If you want to extend the lifespan of a bottle of gin, you should store it in a refrigerator because it will last even longer in this environment. It has been discovered that a bottle of gin stored in a refrigerator might last for up to two years – that is, if the seal is unbroken. If you notice the seal is broken, the gin may not taste its very best.

How to Tell If Your Gin Has Gone Bad?

If you want to know if a bottle of gin has gone bad, then you should smell it. If it smells a bit musty or has a sour odour, it should not be consumed. Additionally, a bottle of gin that has gone bad cannot be restored to good condition. If you have one that you suspect is no longer safe to drink, you may dispose of it down the drain.


Gin’s production is quite well defined and strictly regulated. This ensures that the spirit is up to standard and is safe to drink. While it comes with a Distilled Spirit Date, this does not automatically mean that the alcohol will expire after it. It all depends on the storage conditions of the bottle.

That being said, gin still remains one of the most popular spirits around. It is loved for the sensation of clarity it gives the drinker. Be sure to take another sip one of these days and enjoy your parties with a bottle.

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