What You Need to Know London Dry Gin and Where It Came From

Gin has become an incredibly popular drink in the world. However, barely anyone knows where it came from. Do you? If you don't, don't worry. While you don't need to know its origin story to enjoy the drink, knowing how it came to be can be a fun thing to know and even share with your fellow gin drinkers.

That said, let's talk about gin, specifically London Dry Gin, and how it came to be. But first, let's begin by asking what gin is:

What Is Gin?

Essentially, the name "gin" comes from the French word "genièvre." Genièvre is the French word for genever, and genever is the Dutch word for juniper.

What Is Gin Made Of?

Gin is a distilled liquor. It is made from juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica roots, cardamom pods, and other botanicals. It is primarily made in stills, but it can be made in pot stills as well. Now, let's move on to the origins of the drink.

What Is London Dry Gin?

London Dry Gin was first made in London, England, around the 18th century. This gin was made in large quantities and produced in high quality. What makes it different from other gin? Well, London Dry Gin is made with higher levels of alcohol and uses less water in its production. The result of this extra alcohol is a more concentrated flavor in the drink. The less water used, the more flavor that is left in the product.

Where Does London Dry Gin Come From?

London Dry Gin in general doesn't have a specific place where it was made. Instead, it's the term that was used to describe a type of gin that was made in London, England. This gin was made from a number of botanicals, including juniper berries. At that time, juniper berries were actually the most critical ingredient for the gin's success.

What Other Types of Gin Are There?

While London Dry is the most popular type of gin, there are many other types as well. Some of these are:

Scottish Gin: This gin is made from barley, as opposed to other base spirits like grain.

Old Tom Gin: Old Tom Gin is an older style of gin. Unlike with London Dry Gin, this gin is flavored with sugar rather than sugar being added after it is made.

Dutch Gin: This gin is made in a similar way to other gins. However, there is not a set recipe like with London Dry Gin.


So, now you know about the origins of gin and where London Dry Gin came from. This is great information to have the next time you are at the bar or are at dinner and feel like ordering a drink. Whether you want to flex your knowledge about the drink or simply share it as a fun fact, no one can deny that its story is quite an interesting one. That said, if you're looking for a bottle of gin next time and have yet to try London Dry Gin, give it a go!

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