A Guide on Selecting the Best Gin to Suit Your Taste

Gin is a clear, distilled spirit flavoured with juniper, florals, and fresh and dried fruit. Genever (Old English), genièvre (French), and jenever (Dutch) are all derivatives of the Latin word Juniperus, which means juniper tree. Gin must contain at least 37.5 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV) and have a distinct juniper flavour to be sold in the UK. 

This type of drink is now available in a variety of flavours. Unsurprisingly, drinkers feel overwhelmed and unable to choose. 

Today, this guide will assist you in making sense of the market and simplifying your choice.

London Dry

London Dry gins are the benchmark for gin and are meant to be the foundation of all other styles. These gins are the least sweet and herbaceous, are easy to use, and are often mixed in cocktails. They are appreciated by many and are the most versatile in various cocktails.

  • Flavour Profiles: Most London Dry gins have a strong juniper flavour with a touch of citrus. They are the most herbal and are not the most aromatic or aromatic. However, citrus helps open up the scent of juniper.
  • Best Used In: Gin and Tonic, Martini, Negroni, Collins, Gimlet, Screwdriver, Buck, Tom Collins

New Wave London Dry Gin

The New Wave London Dry gins were developed in the mid-2000s. They are more approachable on the palate, are lighter in body, and have a lower juniper profile. They are citrus-forward, often featuring a pronounced lemon note. They are less bitter than London Dry gins and are less challenging for cocktail newcomers.

  • Flavour Profiles: Some new wave gins slightly resemble London Dry gins. They have more citrus and less juniper than classic London Dry gins. The New Wave gin is also marginally sweeter.
  • Best Used In: G&T, Martini, Old Fashioned, Negroni, Spritzer, Daisy, Collins

Old Tom

The Old Tom is also known as the sweeter, pre-prohibition style of gin. Old Tom gin is more like a sweetened London Dry style of gin. The name came from its popularity in England's poorer neighbourhoods, where it was more precious due to the added sugar ingredient. 

  • Flavour Profiles: Old Tom gin has a sweeter profile with a higher ABV and less juniper flavour. It is less herbaceous and lighter on the palate.
  • Best Used In: Martini, Tom Collins, Spritzer

Genever (Dutch Style)

The Genever is a kind of gin produced in the Netherlands. It has a malty flavour that uses malted barley instead of juniper berries. Moreover, Dutch Genever has a fuller body, a maltier flavour, and a different texture than London Dry gins.

  • Flavour Profiles: Aged gins are maltier and smoother, while non-aged gins are spicier and drier.
  • Best Used In: Martini, Negroni, G&T, Collins, Spritzer, Tom Collins


Once you've considered the listings above, selecting the right style should be more accessible. You should choose gin based on your taste and preferences. Ultimately, your goal should be to find a gin that meets your taste and guarantees a memorable and satisfying experience.

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