The Best Tips on How to Make the Perfect Gin & Tonic

The Best Tips on How to Make the Perfect Gin & Tonic

Gin has the versatility to be mixed in a wide range of cocktails, but its most popular one is the simple Gin and Tonic. You could make one of these quickly, but to really perfect them, you'll have to take much time to practice. 

Gin has a distinct flavour and character. Therefore depending on whatever gin you choose, different G&Ts will also taste differently. 

And if you want to create the classic G&T, here’s a tried-and-tested recipe. 

The Ingredients

  • 100–150 ml of tonic water
  • 50 ml Gin
  • Ice
  • Garnish (optional)

The Method

  1. Pour your preferred Gin into a glass, and place it in the refrigerator or freezer to be chilled.
  2. Ice up the glass to the brim.
  3. Pour the Gin into the glass.
  4. Add more tonic as desired.
  5. Add the garnish of your choice (optional)
  6. Serve after a gentle stir. 

Some people find that giving the drink a moment or two to rest makes the ice cool the drink, which increases their enjoyment.

The Best Tips

While the components for a Gin & Tonic are a few and the methods to make it are straightforward, every Gin is still unique. So it takes some time to do trial and error to polish each serve before you can discover the right mix for your taste. 

Here are our top suggestions for refining this most traditional of drinks.

  • Selecting Your Glasses

  • Not a lot of people know this, but the type of glass you use matters. While huge fishbowl copas are really popular, some people like a rocks glass, while others prefer a high ball. The risk with the latter is that you'll consume too much tonic and smother your Gin. What you can do to avoid this is to use lots of ice.

    An essential aspect of the gin-drinking experience is the aroma. A red wine glass with a wide rim allows the Gin to truly "breathe." Additionally, it is wide enough to accommodate large ice cubes.

  • Advantages of Ice

  • Any drink needs ice, and the Gin and Tonic is no exception. This typically does not imply ice from a regular tray. It is too little. The more ice, the better; we want a lot of it!

    Here are a number of combinations we have tested:

    • Ice created in the freezer using various-sized moulds
    • Ice obtained at the grocery store
    • Home-made, directional-freeze transparent ice

    The best ice for a G&T is undoubtedly ice prepared utilizing directed freezing. It creates ice that is entirely clear and enables manual cutting to the desired size.

  • Ideal Gin to Tonic Ratio

  • The perfect Gin to tonic ratio depends on personal taste and might vary from Gin to Gin. Trial and error is the key to tickle your sweet spot.

    For a gin you've never combined before, start with a ratio of 1:1 since if you add too much tonic, you can't take it back (e.g. 50ml of Gin and 50ml of tonic). After that, progressively increase until you discover the best ratio suits your palette.

  • Selection of Garnish

  • Quite frankly, you only need two ingredients in this drink: gin and tonic. You don't need a garnish if your primary ingredients are high-quality. A garnish, however, might change the flavour of the same beverage, bringing out more herbaceous or citrus flavours, for example.


    When it comes to the creation of a great G&T, there are various factors that you need to consider. Follow these tips and create your own G&T!

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