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The Tastiest Foods to Pair With Gin and Tonic

As the holiday season nears,  people all over the world are in a rush to find the perfect presents. Given the varied selections of products and the specific preferences of the person you’re planning on giving a gift to, it can be challenging to figure out what will make them happy. 

Well, if they’re fond of celebrating the end of the year with a sip of alcohol or two, they’ll undoubtedly love receiving a gin and tonic gift set! 

Gin and Tonic Gift Set: The Ideal Holiday Present

Whether you’re giving a present to your boss or family member, you can never go wrong with a gin and tonic gift—you can be sure that it will be put to good use sooner than later!

However, although a gin and tonic gift set alone is enough to make someone feel appreciated during the gift-giving season, why not turn it up a notch? Let’s face it—you probably won’t be the only one who’ll think of offering alcohol as a present.

If you want to be memorable and stand out, why not pair their gin and tonic gift set with food?

Delicacies to Pair With Gin and Tonic

Our gin and tonic gift set from Jim and Tonic is enough to satisfy anyone who tries it. However, when you pair our alcohol with the right food, you’ll be able to transform a drinking session into a memorable experience! You can choose from a selection of endless possibilities when it comes to gin and tonic pairings—read on below to find some of the best:

1. Seafood

Seafood and gin and tonic are nice to have on their own, but when combined, they could take your breath away! The herbal and floral notes of gin and tonic are perfectly complemented by the flavours of smoked salmon or gravlax—the alcohol also makes for a pleasant palate cleanser for sashimi and sushi.

Besides sushi and sashimi, you can pair gin and tonic with fresh oysters topped with fresh lemon juice or steamed mussels garnished with liquorice and fennel. 

2. Charcuterie

Gin and tonic’s signature herbal flavour also pairs perfectly with charcuterie meats infused with herbs. 

Having a bite of rich, fatty finocchiona, fennel salami, duck prosciutto,  or porchetta cured and seasoned with fragrant herbs while taking a sip of gin and tonic will undoubtedly feel like a dream!

3. Berries

If you’re looking for a healthier food pairing, berries are perfect for you! The gin and tonic ads featuring berries were suitable—blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, and any other type of berries will pair beautifully with gin and tonic.

The sweetness in berries will balance the quinine in the tonic, making for a pleasant drinking session. If you want to have the best time, we suggest having a bowl full of berries next to you so that you have something to munch on while having an iced gin and tonic.


Nothing beats a holiday gift, much like a gin and tonic food pairing! Of course, other presents may wow and impress, but gifting someone with an exquisite mix of gin and tonic and delicious food to eat it with, anyone is sure to have the best gastronomic experience!

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