The Sudden Boom of Today's Gin Culture: How Did it Happen?

Gin has had a rather odd popularity spike in recent years. What was once somewhat a spirit used only for martini has become the darling of mixologists, bartenders and the general public. A new premium gin is released frequently and more gins are sold than ever. How did this happen?

It's More Accessible and Palatable

Gin has been around for a long time, but it's never really been a very popular spirit, until relatively modern times. Recently, though, gin has become easier to drink. This is primarily the result of a new generation of consumers shying away from whisky and other heavier spirits and looking instead to this lighter, sometimes sweeter beverage. 

Today, most distilleries are making a lighter, more palatable style of gin with subtle nuances and a softer spirit.

Gin is also getting easier to get your hands on. Traditionally, gin was only available in a handful of larger cities, but today it's available in most major markets. It's also the focus of the vast majority of new cocktail bars. 

Because of this, consumers have more opportunities to try it and discover their own unique mix of gin and tonics, martinis and other popular cocktails.

It's Part of the Cocktail Culture

Gin has always been a go-to spirit for the cocktail crowd. It has a long history with the cocktail, and it is a liquid that enhances the flavour of other ingredients. Moreover, it works well in many classic cocktails, and bartenders are always looking for new ways to add exciting flavours to their drinks.

Today's gins are often more than just a neutral base spirit to be mixed with other ingredients. Many contemporary brands are creating their own unique flavour profiles, which means that gins are a bit more like whiskys, with unique flavours to each brand.

It's Exciting and Versatile

Gin is perhaps the most exciting spirit on the market today. From unique, organic styles to distillers taking traditional styles of gin and adding interesting flavours, there is no other spirit that is as exciting to the nose and palate. 

Every gin offers different things: citrus, juniper and different herbal notes, with some of the flavours being subtle and others in your face.

It's also a versatile spirit because it goes with almost any food, and it is a spirit that is really enjoyable. For example, some gins with light flavours are great in the warmer months, while other more intense gins are great to be enjoyed on a cold winter's night.

It's Part of Pop Culture

We've seen a resurgence in cocktail culture over the past few years, which is great news for the spirits industry. Gin is the perfect spirit for mixologists and bartenders, and it's a spirit that has definitely increased in popularity due to these efforts.

Part of this is pure pop culture. Mixing spirits and creating new cocktails is exciting, and there are even shows on TV dedicated to the art of mixing drinks. This has inspired a new generation of drinkers who enjoy trying out new spirits and new cocktails. Gin is the spirit of choice for the next generation of drinkers, and it's the spirit that is the most exciting.

In a Nutshell

Gin is definitely one of the most exciting spirits on the market today. It is a spirit that has become popular in recent years, and for good reason. If you’re looking for high-quality gin for your cocktail or to be enjoyed on its own, make sure you’re buying from a trusted supplier.

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