3 Myths About London Dry Gin

Has someone told you that you should never enjoy London Dry Gin neat? Well, chances are that many of these "claims" are nothing but mere myths that circulate even in the most established drinking circles.

To fight these gin myths and ensure you enjoy your next drink, we want to talk about the various London Dry Gin myths and share with you the truth:

Myth 1. Only London Can Produce London Dry Gin

From the name, either you assumed that London Dry Gin is produced solely in London or that someone else told you that. Well, it isn't true! London Dry Gin can be produced anywhere in the world. The name just refers to the type of gin that is produced with more rigorous standards.

That being said, here at Jim and Tonic we are pretty proud of the fact that our fresh and crisp London Dry Gin is made right here in the heart of London. As we like to say, ‘London by name, London by nature.’

Myth 2. Gin Shouldn't Be Served Neat

Well, that's just not true. If you have a great London Dry Gin, then it can only make sense to enjoy it neat. In fact, sometimes, it is the best way to enjoy the nuances of a great gin.

Try it over a bit of ice first to guess the main botanicals in the gin, and then pour in a bit of tonic to open up the flavours. Stick to a classic Indian or Light tonic, as opposed to a flavoured tonic, to avoid masking the flavour of the gin too much.

Myth 3. Gin Should Be Served with a Twist of Lemon

You’ll often see people serve G&T’s with a slice of lemon, and for some reason this has meant that a lot of the general public assume this is the best way of serving up a G&T.

In fact, the best way of picking the garnish with your G&T is to look at which botanicals are used in the gin you are using.

Most gins do not use lemon as a garnish, but instead use citrus peels such as orange and/or grapefruit. Therefore, rather than use lemon, try a slice of orange or pink grapefruit instead.


Now that we have told you the truth about the myths that hide behind some of the most widely spread gin myths, you should have a better understanding of what you are consuming. Regardless, if there is anything you should take away from this drink, it would be this: enjoy gin however you like it! While you should definitely experiment, you should not force yourself to do something you do not like. After all, we're all different, and how you drink your gin should be up to you.

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