Try this one simple 'hack' with ice in your G&T's and cocktails at home

Try this one simple 'hack' with ice in your G&T's and cocktails at home

It's amazing how many times I see and hear this...

And believe me, I was exactly the same before I got involved in the gin game and began to learn a thing or two about how to make some nifty G&T's and cocktails...

And it's this:

"Don't put too much ice in my drink as I don't want a watery cocktail."

I mean, it makes sense on the face of it, right?

Less ice means less water to melt into your drink, so a less watery cocktail. Simples?


For a simple yet classy cocktail like a Gin and Tonic, this is so wrong.

Reverse the logic for a second...

One ice cube cannot stay frozen for very long, so it's going to melt sharpish in your glass.

Instead, pack your glass with ice to the top (we always recommend a 'copa balloon glass' as the large shape and volume is perfect for this) and this will have the effect of many ice cubes keeping each other frozen for longer, meaning LESS (not more) dilution as you sip your G&T


Thank me later.


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