Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic: The Ultimate Drink for Any Occasion

Sometimes, less is more. This is why we love a good glass of gin and tonic over ice. It’s simple yet unique in flavour and body. So, if you haven’t had one (or made one) yet, you could be missing out!

Read on as we talk about the history of this iconic drink, how to create it, and other important suggestions to know right now. Then, you’ll understand why it’s our ultimate choice of drink for any occasion.

Understanding the Beauty of Gin

Gin is a grain alcohol that tastes strongly like juniper. Experts frequently compare it to vodka. Because gin and vodka are made from ethanol-producing crops. Gin is distinguished principally by the fact that it is distilled twice. The process of passing the liquid through herbs and spices is known as secondary distillation. This subsequent procedure gives the alcohol a characteristic pine flavour and scent.

The Unique Taste of a Gin & Tonic Cocktail

Connoisseurs of gin and tonic describe it as crisp and citrusy. The tonic water's mellow, bittersweet flavour balances the sharpness of citrus and the botanicals in the gin, juniper and coriander.

A well-balanced beverage is a gin and tonic. A cocktail with an overabundance of a single ingredient may affect the overall flavour profile. Finding the proper balance provides a refreshing beverage for people of all ages!

All in all, a gin and tonic should be easy to make, delicious, and refreshing.

The Brief History of Gin & Tonic

The beverage is thought to have originated in the nineteenth century. Malaria was prevalent in tropical areas during the time, particularly in India. To combat malaria, Scottish physician George Cleghorn utilised quinine, a conventional drug. Despite its bitter taste, quinine was regularly used with tonic water. To make quinine more appealing, British officers in India began combining it with water, sugar, lime juice, and gin, resulting in the creation of the gin and tonic!

The Proper Way to Serve Gin & Tonic

A gin and tonic is traditionally served in a highball glass, although more recently, we love to serve our famous Jim & Tonics in big Spanish copa balloon glasses to bring out the flavour of the gin.

Also, consider the garnishes: While lime is often the traditional garnish for gin and tonic, other flavours can be used to improve the cocktail. The garnish you choose is dictated by the gin's flavour profile. Spiced gins go well with oranges. On the other hand, oranges, which are both sweet and toasty, go nicely with winter spices like clove, cassia, and nutmeg. 

Furthermore, it is best served chilled. To avoid contaminants in the beverage, bartenders recommend using filtered or tonic water for the ice cubes.

The Quick and Easy Recipe: A Serving of Gin & Tonic 

While the basic recipe hasn't changed, the gin and tonic has. This traditional cocktail is now available in a variety of flavours. While some bartenders use flavoured gin, others blend gin with cucumber or berries.

Fill an ice-filled balloon glass with 50ml of gin and 150-200ml tonic water. After that, gently swirl to keep the tonic water carbonated. Finally, serve with a lime slice as a garnish. Voilà! In less than five minutes, you have made this all-around great cocktail!


To put it simply, a gin and tonic cocktail is a no-brainer. It’s great as you serve yourself a glass, or make rounds with friends and company regardless of the occasion. So, sip through the night and enjoy memorable moments with your new favourite drink in hand!

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