Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves to Drink Gin

Looking to send someone a bottle of gin as a gift, or perhaps a gin gift set?

Besides the actual gin itself, you can also be creative and add more to what you send. Here are some gift ideas for your gin-lover friends, family or colleagues.

Send Some Gin Glasses

Gin lovers not only love their gin, but they also appreciate the glasses it is served in. When you send a bottle of gin as a gift, you can personalise your present a little more by including a set of glasses.

These glasses can be simple, inexpensive ones. The modern martini glass is an invention that was created so that people could enjoy using gin in a cocktail. This glass is elegant, neat, and still has a classic look that fits any barware collection.

Or, for a modern day G&T, consider buying them some Spanish copa balloon glasses.

Support Their Interest with Gin Books

Gin is a spirit with a rich history and many stories behind it. In general, the history of drinking is fascinating, and it makes sense that you would want to pass that information along to a friend.

Gin books are an excellent gift that you can give to someone who loves gin. These books will tell them about the history of gin and its evolution over a hundred years.

These books are an excellent way to give your friend or loved one a chance to learn more about the spirit.

Send Them Cute Miniature Gin Bottles

If you want to give your friend a sampling of different gins, you can buy a set of miniatures. These are small bottles of gin often packaged in tins that feature various labels and designs.

If your friends like gin, they will enjoy having a variety of flavours to try. If they get bored of one bottle, they can use the others to mix drinks with and create new cocktails to enjoy.

Prepare a Gin Gift Set

You can create a gift set around the bottle of gin that you send as a gift. The set should include various items that will allow your loved one to enjoy their drink.

Here is a list of items that you can include in this gift set:

  • Cocktail recipes
  • Garnish decorations
  • Mixing glassware
  • A jigger
  • Ice cube trays
  • Salt and pepper shakers

We always give the option of adding a bundle of tonics to whichever bottle you add to your cart on our online gin shop. 


Gin is a truly unique spirit. It is also one of the most versatile spirits on the market today. As a gift, it is an excellent idea because it allows drinkers to break out of their comfort zone and try something new. You’re also allowing them to explore the cocktail world and learn what it can offer.

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