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The Best Food to Pair with a Delicious Gin and Tonic

Two of life’s greatest pleasures are food and drink. While that may seem like stating the obvious, it’s a universal truth that we tend to forget. Think about some of the best moments in life, and usually, they involve food and drink in some way, shape, or form. Now, eating good food and drinking the best drinks is excellent. But the marriage between great food and drink is otherworldly, wouldn't you agree?!

It’s easy to understand why people make such a big deal about the perfect food and drink pairings when you’ve tried it for yourself. The sensation, the experience, the explosion of flavour in your mouth can make you forget everything. Now, if you’re as passionate about food and drinks as we are, you might have heard about ginstronomy.

In this article, we will discuss ginstronomy—the art of gin and tonic food pairings. Here is some of the best food to pair with your delicious gin and tonics, be it at home or out at a restaurant.


If you’re drinking a gin and tonic, you can’t go wrong with a platter of seafood. Of course, the fresher, the better. When it comes to this particular pairing, it’s hard to tell what comes first. 

Does the gin and tonic improve the seafood eating experience? Or does the seafood improve the gin and tonic drinking experience? Whatever it is, seafood is the nearly unbeatable partner to a damn good G&T. 

It’s a classic way to complement the often floral and herbal notes a gin and tonic will give you. Gin makes an excellent palate cleanser for sushi or sashimi. Meanwhile, smoked salmon or gravlax topped with cream is a great way to enhance the flavour notes of your gin. And another must-try seafood to accompany your G&T are oysters. There is nothing more refreshing!


Many of the gin and tonics you drink have a signature herbal flavour, such as our Mercato Mediterranean Gin made using fresh-cut Italian herbs, including rosemary, thyme and basil. And what better way to enhance that than with charcuterie meats infused with herbs and spices. Sometimes, the best way to go with food and drinks is to double down on those flavours for an even richer experience.

Try munching on some duck prosciutto, porchetta, finocchiona or fennel salami. These are all known for giving rich, fatty, and bold flavours. The meat is perfectly cured and seasoned with fragrant herbs like fennel and thyme with a hint of citrus. 

Is your mouth watering yet? You can just taste the way meat fills your mouth with salty, bold flavours. And then how the gin and tonic chase those away with an almost sweet and herbal aftertaste. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the charcuterie more times than you can count with a gin and tonic in hand.

Berries and Chocolate

Now, berries and chocolates are already a great pair. And the same thing can be said of a gin and tonic. Combine them all, and you’ve got a party wherever you are. Chocolate is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Meanwhile, the berries provide that complexity of flavour. You can even pop some berries into your drink for a refreshing gin cocktail. Make sure to experiment and find the perfect way to marry these flavours together. 

You could always munch on some berries and chocolate on the side. But as we’ve mentioned, you can also muddle a few berries into your drink and turn it into a party. 

The Bottom Line

A clever little play on words—ginstronomy is the art of gin and tonic food pairings. Each pairing aims to offer foodies and non-foodies alike a uniquely satisfying gastronomic experience like no other. When you think about alcohol and food pairings, your mind immediately goes to wine or beer. But hopefully, you’ve learned a new way to enjoy food and gin. The sky's the limit, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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