London Dry Gin

What to Consider When Choosing the Best London Dry Gin

As any gin lover knows, a London dry gin is the perfect drink for any occasion. Whether you're sipping it neat or mixing it into a refreshing cocktail, a London dry gin always hits the spot. But what exactly is London dry gin, and what makes it so unique? Let's take a closer look.

What is London Dry Gin?

One of the things that makes London dry gin so special is the strict regulations that govern its production. To be classified as a London dry gin, the gin must be distilled to a minimum of 37.5 per cent alcohol by volume and must not contain any added colourings or sweeteners. This makes London dry gin a very dry and clean-tasting spirit, so if you're looking for a delicious gin to enjoy, be sure to choose a London dry gin. You won't be disappointed!

But when it comes to choosing the best London dry gin, there are a few things you need to consider before you pick the first bottle you see. 

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing the Best London Dry Gin 

1. Ingredients 

When choosing the best London dry gin, it is important to take into account the ingredients that are used in its production. The most crucial ingredient in gin is juniper berries, which give the spirit its characteristic flavour.  

Other botanicals, such as coriander, citrus peel, and liquorice, may also be used to flavour gin. With that in mind, it is vital to choose a gin that is made with high-quality ingredients to ensure that it has a smooth, well-balanced flavour.

2. Distillation Method 

The distillation method used to produce gin also plays a role in determining its quality. London dry gin is typically distilled using a copper pot still, which allows for more efficient extraction of the botanical flavours. This results in a gin that is more flavorful and aromatic than those produced using other methods. 

3. Age 

The age of a gin also affects its quality. Younger gins tend to be more juniper-forward, while older gins tend to be more balanced. Gin that has been aged for a longer period of time may also have a smoother flavour. 

4. Price 

Of course, price is also a factor to consider when choosing the best London dry gin. Gin is available at a wide range of prices, from budget-friendly options to premium brands, so remember to choose a gin that fits your budget and your taste preferences. 

5. Personal Preferences

Ultimately, the best London dry gin is the one that you personally enjoy the most. Be sure to sample a variety of gins to find the one that suits your taste buds the best. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring Different London Dry Gin Options 

Most gin lovers are familiar with the classic juniper-forward flavour of a London dry gin. But what many don't realise is that there's actually a very specific definition of what qualifies as a London dry gin. With the guide above, you'll be on your way to shopping for the best London dry gin that is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

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