Answering Common Questions About Picking and Drinking Gin

Answering Common Questions About Picking and Drinking Gin

By its textbook definition, gin is a well-known grain-based distilled beverage flavoured with botanicals. It is known to be clear and usually consumed as a shot. Many people who love gin consider it to be one of their favourite alcoholic drinks, or at least a classic when getting into spirits.

Since gin is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, it's worth learning more about it. Doing so can mean a more pleasant experience when ordering it the next time you go to a cocktail bar with family and friends or if you want to host a dinner and provide a cool drink to your visitors.

If you've ever wondered why so many people adore Gin, continue reading to answer some of the common questions about picking and drinking gin.

What Are Different Types of Gin?

There are different gin variations available on the market, typically differing between regular gin and dry gin. What makes standard gin is the presence of flavouring, usually coming when the spirit is processed with juniper berries or liquorice. Dry gin varies more in having a lack or minimal traces of flavouring. Here are some examples to note:

  • Straight Gin

Straight gin simply refers to a gin type that's completely unflavoured. It's meant to be enjoyed straight because this spirit typically has a high alcohol content that ranges from 40 to 47%. The best thing about this type of gin is that it's much more flexible than martini or vodka.

  • Distilled Gin

Distilled gin is clear liquid alcohol that some people consider a sub-category of straight gin because it has a lower alcohol content compared to straight gin, and it's supposed to be the classic gin flavour. It also contains a hint of juniper berries compared to its drier counterpart.

  • London Dry Gin

The London dry gin is the most popular category of gin. It's typically made from grain-neutral alcohol, and it's flavoured with botanicals. It has a very distinctive taste and comes with higher alcohol content. It is also an unflavoured gin, and it's famous for making great cocktails.




Gin is a popular choice for many people, and it is a fascinating drink that is enjoyed in a variety of ways. Now that you've learned the basics, step up your gin game.  

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