A List of Excellent Gin Mixers You Should Try Right Now

A List of Excellent Gin Mixers You Should Try Right Now

Even though you can definitely enjoy gin on its own, you can also mix it with some other ingredients to get a different taste. The key is to find a good combination of the ingredients for a delicious drink, and you won’t have to look further than these excellent gin mixers that you should try right now.

Gin and Tonic

The gin and tonic combo is very popular and is made by mixing your favourite gin with tonic water. Then add some lime and lime juice, giving the drink a nice citrus flavour.

Gin and Ginger Ale

The main ingredients you need to mix ale are gin and ginger ale. You can also add some lime juice to get a drink with a sweet and sour taste.

Gin and Raspberries

This is a refreshing drink that you can make by mixing gin with raspberries and then adding some lemon-lime soda so that the flavour will be nice and sweet.

Gin and Ginger Beer

This drink is made by mixing gin with ginger beer and adding some lime juice. You can enjoy this drink while having a nice picnic with friends and family.

Gin and Lime

If you love Andalusian cuisine, you should try this drink that is made by mixing gin with lime juice and some sugar syrup.

Gin and Pears

Gin and pear is another refreshing drink you can enjoy with friends and family. To get a nice drink, you can mix one part pear nectar, one part gin, and three parts lemon juice.

Gin and Rosemary

If you love rosemary flavour, then you should try this drink that is made by mixing gin, rosemary syrup, and lemon juice.

Gin and Apple Juice

This refreshing drink can be made by mixing gin, apple juice, lime juice, and cinnamon syrup. If you add some ice, this drink will be even better.

Gin and Rum

If you love tropical drinks, you should try this one that is made by mixing one part of gin with one part of citrus rum and a third of lemon juice. This drink has a refreshing and delicious taste that immediately makes you feel relaxed.

Gin and Pineapple Juice

This is another refreshing drink you can make by mixing one part gin, two parts pineapple juice, and one part grenadine.

Gin and Rose Syrup

This is a tasty drink you can make by mixing gin with the juice of a grapefruit and rose syrup.

Gin and Cranberry Juice

If you want a delicious and tangy drink, you should combine gin and cranberry juice. Try to add some lemon juice, sugar syrup, and ice to make it more refreshing.

Gin and Vanilla

This is a nice and delicious drink that you can make by mixing gin with vanilla ice cream and some lemon juice.

Gin and Coconut

Coconut and gin may seem like an odd combination, but it is actually terrific, so you should give it a try. Mix gin, coconut syrup, and lemon juice to make this delicious drink.


If you love gin and you want to add some variety to your gin drinking, you can try to mix it with some other ingredients. However, you’ll need to find the right proportions that will give the best taste, so you have to be careful and adjust these proportions until you reach your desired flavour.

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