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Essential Gin Mixers You Should Keep in Stock This 2022

Are you bored of your good old hard drinks and want to taste something new? You can play around and make your own fancy cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

You likely have stocks of gin just sitting on the shelf (at least we hope you do!). This drink is ideal for various styles and botanical blends you can experiment on. We will list down some of the best gin mixers so you can come up with simple, delicious drinks at home!

The Classic Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonic is an absolute classic. The most traditional G&T of them all is probably a London Dry Gin served with Indian tonic. You can never go wrong with this drink. However, the secret to a good gin and tonic drink is to get pair both a quality gin with a quality tonic. Don’t go for the sugary, mass-produced tonics or cheap own-brand stuff. Get the best tonic water and gin out there to do your gin and tonics justice!

Variety with Gin and Vermouth

Every gin fan should try the combination of gin and vermouth. Vermouth is not just for martinis—it can be a great choice of drink if you like to experiment. While this is a clean, classic cocktail in itself, you can add various ingredients to make it more interesting. Vermouth plays well with the botanicals in the gin and most cocktail mixers. Beware though, gin paired with vermouth is a strong combination, so not for the faint hearted! If you’re interested in making this cocktail at home, check our our Zingy Gin Martini recipe.

Soda Water

If you just want to sip on something and don’t want anything too strong, this is the perfect drink to have. Add a splash of soda water, and you are good to go.

The bubbly soda allows the gin flavours to shine without worrying about extra calories. As soda has various flavour options, you also get variety in your cocktails. Check out Fever Tree’s new range of flavoured soda waters to spruce up your Gin and Soda game!

Something Citrusy with Lemons

Are you into citrusy or sweet drinks? You can add lemon juice or lemonade to your gin and make the perfect summer drink. You can also put in some sugar syrup, crème de mûre, and crushed ice to this mix, and you have yourself a bramble cocktail!

We love a pink gin with lemonade. Check out our Rhubarb Gin and Lemonade cocktail.

Alternatively, make a classic British Bramble cocktail at home.

Refreshing Lime

If you have lemons and lime on hand, you can add a little simple syrup, and you have yourself a classic gimlet! This is perfect if you are into something more citrusy and botanical. You can opt not to add the syrup and simply serve the lemon, lime, and gin over ice. This creates a refreshing drink that will send a botanical and citrusy wave through you.

Tropical Flavors with Pineapple

The sweet, sour, and tropical flavours of pineapple juice go well with the botanical elements of gin. You can give yourself a nice holiday-inspired drink if you add a splash of soda to this mix!

Feel like Royalty with Earl Grey Tea

This is a more sophisticated drink for a sophisticated crowd. Simply add some Earl Grey tea to your gin, and you have yourself a Royal Tea or Queen’s Tea to start the morning. This is the perfect hot beverage for cold days.


These are just some gin mixers you can come up with when you have gin at home. You can always play around with the combinations. If you have the best quality spirits, you won’t have to worry about running to the bar the next time you get the craving for a drink.

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