Distillery Process

Say hello to ‘Clella’

They say behind every good man there’s an even greater woman and this is certainly true of Jim and Tonic!

Clella is Jim and Tonic’s copper pot still. She was named after the three partners of Jim (founder), Nick (original business partner) and Matt (Head of Ops):

  • Clare – CL
  • Ellie – EL
  • Lauren – LA

= CL-EL-LA! (say it as you see it…. Clella!)

Small Batch 

Clella has a 100 litres capacity which is pretty darn small compared to most distilleries!

She is what’s known as a ‘Batch Pot Still’ which allows us to have precise control over the distillation process.

Small batches


Only the best ingredients


Better, tastier gin for our customers!


We have a ‘closed loop’ system with our next door neighbours German Kraft Brewery (they’re literally a few feet from us inside Mercato Metropolitano, the food and drink market where our distillery bar is located)…

We recycle and reuse as much of the heat and water that is required during the distillation process…

This makes it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We then take what’s known as the ‘Pot Ale’ (liquid left inside Clella after distilling) and use this as fertiliser for growing some of our botanicals…

e.g. herbs like fresh rosemary, the primary ingredient used in our Mercato Mediterranean Gin


Being based in Zone 1 London, we’ve had to adapt to our densely populated surroundings.

We are working with community gardens across London to ensure that we are getting our ingredients as local and sustainable as possible...

And supporting local social enterprise groups who employ, train and mentor disadvantaged youths in gardening and horticulture.